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usually students and professional travelling to Melbourne for work purpose would prefer to stay at cheap hotel in Melbourne instead of an expensive hotel or the overly crowded hostels. Homestay Melbourne is one such economical accommodation option where one can stay comfortably without compromising on space or privacy. This rooming house is located int eh quiet suburbs of Melbourne and thus one can study or work till late hours. There are good restaurants near this  cheap hotel in Melbourne  where one can enjoy some local dishes for lesser price. So enjoy your visit to the wonderful city without spending a lot.

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Homestay Melbourne is the right choice for all those who are looking for cheap hotel in Melbourne. This rooming house is located in the out skirts of the the city and provides economical rooms for students, families and working professionals who do not want to spend a lot on accommodation. The place is also suitable for backpackers and business people who would typically stay at a place for a day or two. This cheap hotel in Melbourne has a well equipped kitchen where one can cook for themselves and save on food as well. Book your room at this hotel and enjoy a comfortable stay.

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